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Philosophy, Anwering three questions(600 words each) - Essay Example

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In Metaphysics Book 1, Aristotle suggested that the followers of Pythagoras and the followers of Plato came up with very similar accounts of the causes of things, and that their accounts had many problems in common. He explained the Pythagorean school of though by elaborating, "they regarded number as both a material and formal principle"…

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Philosophy, Anwering three questions(600 words each)

Aristotle believed that these were comparable in the sense, that these were arrangements of convenience, wherein additions or subtractions in the notions could be contrived at a theoretical convenience, just so that a link could be established amongst the theoretical construct originally proposed by them. Aristotle believed that Plato advocated the notion that forms (ideas) cause both existence and generation. On the other hand, Aristotle felt that Pythagoras supported the idea that numbers try to explain the connation of the universe and reality. Both these are significant in the view of Aristotle, since the give way to many theoretical norms that are of practical purpose. Hence, understanding their existence as a whole was deemed crucial by Aristotle. It was on the same notion of viewing their theories as a 'whole' did Aristotle compare them and criticized that both were actually trying to achieve the same goal.
While these criticisms may seem noteworthy, they are not all-encompassing of the specific theories in question. Pythagoreans set put to prove things in a numerical basis, while Platonians contrived the use of ideas to explain concept formation. ...
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