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Essay example - Family Systems Therapy

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Family Systems Therapy (FST), also referred to as Family Therapy and Couple and Family Therapy, is a relatively new psychotherapeutic strategy that is used to treat psychological problems in the family context. The earliest forms of FST can be traced back to the mid 1950's, but the concepts and ideas underlying modern forms of this therapy emerged several decades earlier…

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FST perspective relies upon the assumption that psychological issues are developed and maintained in the social context of families. Such view implies that the therapist should pay attention to the entire family of the patient instead of focusing almost exclusively on the individual needs and symptoms of the patient. Modern forms of FST employ a wide range of methods and techniques from the field of psychotherapy, systems theory, systemic coaching, and communication theory and tend to incorporate several psychotherapeutic approaches including cognitive therapy, narrative perspectives, social constructionist approach, intergenerational theory, etc. (Nichols & Schwartz, 1998). Such variety of paradigms incorporated in FST is due to exceptionally complex, multilateral and multilevel nature of human interactions within the family setting.
1. Experiential: this approach, also termed Symbolic-Experiential Family therapy, was founded by Carl Whitaker in the 1960's. ...
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