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Barclays strategy can be adequately summarized as to earn and to grow. The bank has set the objective of earning and growth side by side, with the long term goal of becoming the largest banking group in the world. Its strategy includes using the profits in such a manner that gives top return to its shareholders, but also at the same time the bank's actions have also depicted the fact that the bank strategy also includes the growth factor.


say that Barclays has prefered a route of investment in capital purchase of other financial institutions, as a direct measure of expanding its global base, as well ass to establish its base more firmly in other countries, and to use the established customer base of other financial institutions for its advantage. This sort of strategy gives the additional management challenges to barclays of managaing an ever expanding customer and market base, not to mention the growing number of cemployees and branches and integrate its acquisitions into its own processes and culture.
As far as its performance measurement goes with reapect to the global drivers and its financial performance, we can see from the company financial data that its strategy of growing has worked well for the company. ...
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