1900 Paris Exposition and History Of Mr. Henry Brooks Adams. Website Review.

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There is no person in this world who can even hope to keep abreast with information without using the internet. This makes the 'website' and most importantly, the design of the website, the most critically important component for 'luring in' readers and customers…


To keep things simple, there are only 5 things a website needs to qualify for it to be considered s ''good''. These are:

The websites ability to convey the meaning/message of the website quickly if not instantly - the readers visit the website for a primary purpose, if this purpose is not fulfilled, they will leave! So make sure their secondary purpose is the website's secondary purpose as well.

This is one of the few sites which isn't trying too hard to get noticed. This is good because the site itself is about the 1900 Paris Exposition. Basically only historians and artists will want to visit it in majority. It the website has been too flamboyant then it would have reduced the awe the visitors got from the real subject of the website - the old arts and literature accompanied by old photographs which any old historian and artist would cherish. The site is clean, the usability is good. There are many links given for the person who wants to divulge himself more into the world of the Exposition. However, it is quite heavy. The pictures took a long time to load even with my 128K broadband connection. This wouldn't please many of the artists and historian because their computers and connections are as old as the articles they are reading about. Also, none of the links given in the website worked. Therefore whoever has designed the website thinks he has better things to do than to look after his readers. ...
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1900 Paris Exposition and History Of Mr. Henry Brooks Adams. Website Review.
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