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Essay example - Teacher's Role in Classroom Management

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Generally, the role of teachers is considered to be of imparting knowledge to the students and making the students comprehend a particular subject. However, teaching can never be defined fully as it has many other important aspects to it. Considering the vast impact of a teacher on a student's life, it has become imperative in many countries that a teacher needs to have completed specialized education before pursuing it as a profession…

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However, through the use and application of different strategies and lessons, the teacher not only lectures about a particular subject, (English language, in this case) but also shapes up the personality of the young minds being addressed. The task of a teacher also includes instilling the right moral and ethical values in the mind of the learners to help them transform into a better citizen and eventually, a better human being, who will contribute positively to their respective societies.
Channeling different creative ideas presented by students in the right direction is also an important responsibility of a teacher. When the subject is taught with the right mix of humour and gravity, respect develops in students and it ultimately leads to a better teacher-student relationship.
What has become even more important is the role of a teacher in classroom management. Classroom management is the use of those methods that facilitates the transfer of knowledge. It is all about disciplining, motivating and encouraging the students to prepare them to face the practical world with the right values.
The affect of the external factors and environment on a classroom atmosphere has been well researched and confir ...
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