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Change Management Plan - Essay Example

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Despite the anticipated benefit, the impact of organizational change is often exceedingly difficult for both the employee and the enterprise because it interrupts current process flow, requires new procedures to be developed and learned, and may have an adverse reaction on productivity as new relationships and processes are solidified (Powell, 2002)…

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Change Management Plan

Although change impacts the entire organization and its employees, in this instance it has an obvious and specific impact on the customer service division since it largely involves the employees who are the primary interface with the customer base once the sale has been completed. As the primary point of contact for customers, the customer service department must be well informed and capable of explaining the change value proposition to all that interact with the company through that channel. Despite the potential of internal resistance, benefits should be emphasizes so that they can be passed forward as well as actualized internally (Daly, 1995). Since these benefits include improved communications and teamwork through a new matrix management structure, the expected value to the customer is faster and more accurate service, and as a consequence, higher margins for the organization. Internally, it means better utilization of available resource since more traditional lines of organization sometimes add to inefficient skill allocation. Management can now reach across departmental boundaries as required, and focus on resolution of issues on a more time sensitive basis.
It is also recognized that detailed preparation should be made to m ...
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