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Computer Fraud

Finally, we present our views on how individual computer users and businesses can help in the successful implementation of various anti-fraud programs.
Computer fraud according to the United States Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is generally committed when a person intentionally or consciously accesses a computer without or exceeding given authorization or such act is intended to obtain valuable things (Vasiu et. al., 2004, p.3). The definition of computer frauds may vary in ways but they all end in one common conclusion; it is an act causing loss of property to another by input, alteration, deletion, and suppression in which offenders are also classified as insiders or outsiders. However, computer frauds are normally committed by "insiders" (Vasiu et. al., 2004, p.4) for an obvious reason. Insiders do know the system and are courageous enough to challenge detection due to their long time exposure and familiarity of the system's weak points. Nonetheless, this does not negate the possibility that in some situation, the perpetrators may not always necessarily an insider. They may also come externally pretending to be a person with an authorization to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the system.
A good example given by Vasiu et. al. ...
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Computer frauds while less frightening than physical violence or intrusion can inflict enormous damage to an organization and community. To prevent this high-tech crimes we must recognized the nature of computer frauds and understand how and why this is being done…
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