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What is leadership? - Essay Example

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Most people think of leadership as a set of mysterious personal qualities that some individuals just seem to possess. However, it is perhaps more interesting to think of leadership in terms of a set of skills and practices that can be acquired and not inherited. …

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What is leadership?

To define, therefore, is a process of describing in detail the observations pertaining to the nature of leadership, relations between leaders and the led, risk-taking and entrepreneurship.

A leader is one who is constantly thinking of better ways of doing things; learning from every source, that which bears knowledge, and can give the organization a better competitive advantage. A leader is one who is adept in the forms of internal communication that serve as mechanisms for managerial coordination and control. These have developed as a product not only of changing organizational needs but also of the technologies available to support them.

The easiest manner in which we can identify a leader is by observing the way, he/ she seems to fit into the environment at an ease and is able to bring about the optimum functionality of everything around him. He or she fits into the processes of action and implementation in the organisation and can effectively design the rosters with an elan . Moreover, their management style is responsive and appropriate simultaneously to the tasks undertaken and the nature of the work group.

Another facet of leadership is the calculation work undertaken in making leadership work visible to a range of audiences. ...
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