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Illegal Pay Discrimination, Bad Pay Policy, or Both

However, his salary was $10,000 more than the female associate. Moreover, the other two counselors that were hired had no experience in counseling, and their salary is similar to the female associate.
In my opinion, Charles M. Cummings is correct in believing that employees do enjoy having their achievements acknowledged by others, especially their supervisors and peers. Employees gain a sense of accomplishment and belonging when their achievements and successes are acknowledged. They are more successfully driven and motivated when they feel that they are contributing to the company or organization as a whole.
Alfie Kohn believes that incentives do not motivate employees to perform their best for the long-term, only short-term. He believes that, when employees feel they will gain incentives for their performance, they will only improve their performance for a short while. Their performance will, eventually, drift back to its same, previous status.
On the other hand, there are situations in which Kohn's theory of employees' performance does prove to be true. For example, working in a call center, the job is customer-service, whether the calls are in-bound or out-bound. In this particular situation, the calls are in-bound, meaning that customers call into the call center for help.
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Job discrimination is a very prominent problem within the workforce, and it involves several personal traits of an individual whether race, gender, etc. Employers can discriminate against employees in several ways.
Dr. Boseman displayed discrimination against the female associate that generated the letter contained within Critical Thinking Exercise 10.2…
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