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Intellectual Autobiography

Graduate education, in particular, has great implication in the achievement of my goals in life as it is at this crucial stage that individuals make decisive steps toward the ultimate progress in life. I have realized the significance of graduate education in the extension of my current knowledge, achievement new skills, and in the enhancement of my undergraduate education. It is also a vital point which definitely directs my career and achievement. That is to say, graduate education is deeply connected to my educational goals and aspirations of life. Graduate education provides extensive opportunity for the fulfillment of my research interests and develops my educational interests through various satisfying works and accomplishments. For example, the influence of the methods of teaching on student achievement has been an area of study which called my interest for long and there is ample opportunity in the course for a comprehensive research on the topic. The role of graduate education in preparing me to become a better teacher is immense and it can help me advance towards the ultimate goals of my life. Therefore, I have decided to join graduate school which is essential in the achievement my career as well as life goals.
The graduate education is fundamental in ...
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Learning prepares a man for complete living and it is through the process of education that human beings acquire the overall development of their personality. I have been aware of the importance of education in my life from the early childhood. My aspiration to attain a well developed personality and achieve greater success in life has always been reinforced by the scope of education in my life…
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