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Foundations of Critical Care

Since this involved events surrounding a complex decision making at higher level where I am being guided by my mentor consistently, I felt John's model of structured reflection will be useful, and I will follow that in this reflective process (Johns, 1995, 226-235). Consequently, I will pay greater attention to my thoughts and emotions surrounding this event of my recent past experiences.
This is the story of a patient whom I cared for in my placement in the critical care unit. In my placement in the critical care unit, my mentor assigned this patient to me. This is a middle-aged female patient who had abdominal surgery for her Crohn's disease and had been transferred to the intensive care unit for stabilization in a critical condition following anaesthesia. The intention of admission was to stabilize her and help her complete recovery form anesthesia so she can be extubated in the intensive care unit (Adam and Osbourne, 2005, 1-11). At assignment, I assessed her to find that she was sedated, was having very poor spontaneous breathing response, and intubated. She was connected to monitors, and a central venous pressure (CVP) line was inserted. A separate IV line was there, and it was running frusemide infusion at 2 mg/h since she was quite edematous. ...
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This is a reflective account of the events surrounding my work at my current placement. As I see from the entries in my diary, this is just a matter of a week back in my current placement in the intensive care unit. The activities in the intensive care unit are pretty hectic, laborious, but extremely engaging, and I never knew time passes so fast…
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