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Smoking should be made illegal

This essay discusses the reasons why smoking should be made illegal.
Smoking can cause serious health damage. "Smoking increases the risk of getting lung cancer, larynx cancer, COPD, oral cavity, throat cancer and oesophagus cancer." (Nationaal Kompas Volksgezondheid, RIVM, 25 September 2007) Smokers not only damage their own physical health, but they can also harm the same of the people who do not smoke. If a person breathes in cigarette smoke from the environment, it is called passive smoking. "Passive smoking is responsible for several thousands of deaths a year in The Netherlands." (Nationaal Kompas Volksgezondheid, RIVM, 25 September 2007) So the stressed out mother that desperately needs a smoke, while her kids are finally asleep on the couch, could indeed be damaging her children's health and of her own.
In these times of financial crises we might want to cut back on our expenses a little bit. Since smoking is quite an expensive habit, this might be the time to save some money which otherwise would be spent on cigarettes. Most tobacco products are probably not that expensive on their own, but the taxes that are put on tobacco make cigarettes a lot more expensive. Also individual and national medical expenses could be reduced drastically.
A counterargument could be that smoking is enjoyable and relaxing. ...
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In 1995, 29,043 people in the Netherlands died due to the direct cause of smoking. 190 people died of lung cancer which is caused by passive smoking every year." (Genotmiddelen in Nederland, maatschappelijke en economische aspecten. A. Vreeken. Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming…
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