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Study of nti socil behviour nd violent conduct t UK night clubs - Essay Example

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Study of nti socil behviour nd violent conduct t UK night clubs

Youth-oriented communities s well s dults, tht visit the clubs, crete the tmosphere of love, unity, tolernce nd hppiness tht is expressed through dncing, communiction nd other rnge of ctivities tht my not lwys entil socilly cceptble behviours. s the result of such relxing conditions in night clubs, the number of socil problems my pper. Specificlly, the problem of lcohol misuse nd illegl expnsion of drugs is one of the widely spred chrcteristic of night clubs. Drug use nd lcohol is intended to enhnce clubbers' senstions nd boost their energy so they cn dnce for long periods. While the first problem is generlly cceptble behviour (lcohol is normlly uthorised to sell out in brs of the night clubs), the second problem my led to the vriety of nti-socil behviourl expressions nd violence.
Deling ppropritely with the violence cused by the use of lcohol nd drugs is difficult for police. On the one hnd, police often fce substntil pressure from minstrem society to put n end to drugs nd lcohol uthority in night clubs, usully through ggressive lw enforcement. On the other hnd, the tmosphere creted by "esy" (Morris, 1998) drugs nd lcohol is enormously populr mong significnt minority of teengers nd young dults, most of whom re generlly lw biding nd responsible. Strict enforcement efforts cn liente key segment of this popultion from government in generl, nd the police in prticulr. To be sure, lcohol cn pose genuine risks, but those risks re frequently exggerted in the public's mind. It is importnt tht police recognize tht most lcohol-relted hrms hppen to the clubbers themselves, nd while clubbers re not wholly responsible for those hrms, they willingly ssume much of the risk for them. ccordingly, night club prty problems re t lest s much public helth problems s they re crime nd disorder problems. It is criticl to estblish solid bse of fcts bout night clubs-relted hrms in the community, fcts from which to intelligently develop locl policies nd responses.
The principl night clubs-relted concerns for police tht re considered to result in nti-socil nd violent behviour re s follows:
- drug overdoses nd ssocited medicl hzrds: some drugs when overdosed cn bring to the stte of "shg frenzy", incresing chnces of ctching HIV nd other sexul trnsmitted disesed. (Morris, 1998)
- drug trfficking nd the potentil for violence ssocited with it: different wys of drug trfficking my led to misunderstnding between drug delers nd result in nti-socil conducts such s street fights, robberies or murder;
- noise (from loud music, crowds nd trffic): usully clubs re situted in one re specificlly llocted for night life; however there re clubs tht my be creted in plces where people live which will cuse problems in terms of noises t night s well s other outcomes of nti-socil behviour resulted from drug nd lcohol use; (Morris, 1998)
- driving under the influence: this is the problem tht oftentimes results in cr ccidents.

In view of the bove finding nd the resercher's interest in further evlution nd detection of problem re, the proposed explntory reserch study is imed to investigte the following subject:
nticiption of nti socil behviour nd violent conduct t UK night clubs
Generlly, the problem tht is rised in this pper concerns the connection of lcohol nd drugs use nd violent behviour. From one side it is regrded the problem of using clubbers' drugs rther thn lcohol in ...Show more


The problem of lcohol nd drug use in the UK night clubs is ssocited with potentilly violent behviours of clubbers cused by the misuse. The policy of night clubs directed to lcohol selling strtegies promotes the use of lcohol nd leds to even greter consumption of lcohol…
Author : vida86
Study of nti socil behviour nd violent conduct t UK night clubs essay example
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