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Newspaper Media: Crime in Atlantic City

Over the past week, June 1-8, 2006, less than ten crimes could be found in the newspaper. Most notably, one overdose of drugs, one possession of narcotics, one vandalism, one sexual assault, and one juvenile weapons charge. Beyond that, there were several car accidents, all of which were reported not from a fault angle, but from a "everybody is doing just fine" angle. While some of these charges are notable sexual assault, for instance, this seems like a very low crime rate for such a big area, not to mention an area that does allow gambling.
However, turn to the national view, and a very different picture emerges. Story after story of violent crime, every day. Professor kills student with bikini top, child abduction, Aryan brotherhood trial, man poisoned by anthrax, homeless man commits arson, sexual abuse in the churchthey go on and on. While there is crime in the United States, the unusually high crime levels shown nationally in the Press of Atlantic City, along with the unusually low crime rates shown in Atlantic City proper, suggest that the paper carefully edits crime reports to make the area appear safer.
For example, while crime is listed, it does not have its' own section of the paper; rather it is listed in local news, along with all other news reports, such as Mr. Peanut coming to town. ...
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It's a dangerous world out there. At least, that is what the Press of Atlantic City Newspaper would like its' readers to believe. The paper, covering local news, New Jersey news, and some national and world events, often seems to read like the paper of a small and unusually safe town…
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