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Establishing National Identity on a Nation-State - Essay Example

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National identity simply refers to the distinctive attributes and characteristics of a certain group, either through lineage, origin, or parentage. The sense of belongingness one feels toward that particular group also comprises to his national identity. Nation-state, on the other hand, refers to the land or territory in which people of the same national identity lives in (Robertson).

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Establishing National Identity on a Nation-State

Benedict Anderson defined a nation as an "imagined political community". He explicitly used the term "imagined" because he says that people of a certain nation, no matter how small it is, will not have the ability to know a considerable fraction of their fellow nationals, will not have the opportunity to meet them all, nor to even hear about them. But though this is the reality, they have similar ideas and images in relation to descent; therefore in their minds and imagination, they are one as a community (Anderson).
The definition of a nation as an imagined community is relevant in the creation and preservation of every modern state. It is through their imaginations that people can cultivate fraternity towards those of the same race and nationality and consequently, they will all join forces to uphold their nationalistic ideas, even though they do not get fully acquainted with each other. Heroism and the willingness of somebody to die for his nation is one good example that imagination plays a pertinent role in this concept of a nation, national identity, and nationalism (Anderson).
To illustrate the concepts further, take the case of the country Korea, which is situated in Eastern Asia. ...
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