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Roach & Behling stated "leadership as a process of influencing an organized group towards accomplishing its goals". Leadership theory was postulated keeping in view of various aspects related to organizing the resources in a profitable manner to the organization.


The total quality management reveals the standard followed by the organization right from the minute inputs details to the final delivery of the product or service. The TQM depicts the facts which enable the organization to perceive the mission to excel in the business. It provides platform to achieve results by concentrating on the factors which influence the most in this contemporary world "the customer focus" and "the customer acceptability". A leader has to perceive a 3600 view of every aspect right from the product manufacturing to the customer value perceptions; which depicts the ideal qualities to be followed; Deming created philosophical framework of fourteen quality management points stresses on the importance of the employee satisfaction and the customer satisfaction with an equal value to the customer satisfaction. Andrew Grove stated, "If senior managers and know-how managers share a common view of the industry, the likelihood of their acknowledging changes in the environment and responding in an appropriate fashion will greatly increase. Sharing a common picture of the map of the industry and its dynamics is a key tool in making your organization an adaptive one." (Andrew, 1999)
Where as the contingency theory is about the leaders who are task oriented and adapt according to the tasks and some leaders respond with the inter-relationship among the employees to do the work. ...
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