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Nursing Evidence Based Practice

Without resolution, rancor between opponents and supporters to the practice would continue to divide the profession. The selected literature would give valuable insights on the current situation of evidence based nursing practice. Moreover, both sides of the opposing groups would be given due consideration to give the reader a balanced view on the issues.
Simpson (2004) traced the origins of evidence based nursing practice (EBN). It began in the 1970's when the clamor for better health care delivery required research to be part of professional development (p.10). The University of Minnesota defined evidence based nursing as "the process by which nurses make clinical decisions using the best available research evidence, their clinical expertise, and patient preferences." (p.10) The University also proposed three areas of research competence that should be developed. They include: "interpreting and using research, evaluating practice, and conducting research." (p.10) Simpson (2004) also included the steps required to gain competence. First, issue identification is an important aspect of problem definition. Second, nurses must be able to conduct research on related literature to support or augment their current knowledge. Third, nurses should be able to formulate criteria used to evaluate evidence. ...
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In the early 70's, the proponents of evidence based nursing practice noted the importance of research-based assessments in contrast to traditional methods of health care delivery. Underlying the promotion of evidence based nursing practice is the need to improve health care delivery…
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