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Personal Statement example - Coke as a mainstay in fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC

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High school
Personal Statement
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Today, my marketing teacher asked us to write a simple journal about our favorite brands. As a customer and a future marketing associate, I believe that this is a good exercise in really looking at the value that products give me. It will enable me to evaluate my preferences as a customer and allow me to examine if I am really making the right purchase decisions…

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Ever since I was a child, I remember drinking Coke every time I want to get instant refreshment. Coke is there during special occasions like parties and lunches. Furthermorer, it accompanies me even in my everyday undertakings. In fact, Coke is synonymous with refreshment to me. I just love the invigoration that consuming a can of Coke brings me. I drink it whenever I can-when I am stressed out, when I get too exhausted, and when I need an extra dose of caffeine to get me going. I associate Coke with words such as thirst quenching and more recently, with my quest to live a healthier lifestyle. No kidding.
I have seen how Coke evolved. Starting from its claim of being a healthy and medicinal drink, it became a mainstay in fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC. The intense competition with Pepsi pushed it to reinvent itself to the protest of its loyal patrons. Thus, the new Coke was rebranded while the original formulation was fortunately retained in the market. The growing health consciousness among consumers urged Coca-cola to reinvent itself by offering better-for-you variants which utilized artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Coke Diet, Coke Light and Coke Zero were launched in the market to the amusement and support of customers like me. ...
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