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Art High School - Essay Example

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" directed by Andrew Adamson is a movie based on the first book of the children's novels of C.S. Lewis. It is a story about four children; Susan, Peter, Edmund and Lucy, who were sent to Professor Kirke's house because of the war…

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Art High School

They later became the kings and queens of Narnia for sometime until one day they chanced at the lamp post and returned to the professor's house through the wardrobe and back to childhood.
When I first watched the movie, what struck me were the frozen figures of animals and other beings. These pieces of sculpture were used by the director and the makers of the film to enhance the beauty and effect of the scene. Along with it are the magnificent castle of the White Witch and her throne as well as her crown. They were all made of crystal and all pointing upwards displaying magnitude and power.
The stark contrast of darkness and winter to that of sunshine and warmth is made possible by the choice of color of the background and the lighting effects. Under the witch's reign, Narnia was in a sad and terrifying atmosphere. However, in the camp of Aslan there was so much sunshine and color, such as the multicolored tents, drapes and costumes. These created an atmosphere of positive emotions and hope.
The second time I watched the movie, I tried to go beyond the story and looked at the visual images instead. The same feeling of gloom was brought about by the dark and wintry scenes and colors, and then of hope and gladness when the snow melted and the sun shone through. It was another experience different from just simply watching and following the storyline. ...
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