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The subject matter of the painting is the birth of goddess Venus. In this painting Aphrodite emerges upon a shell from the sea as a fully grown-up woman in accordance with Greek mythology which justifies her birth in the same manner. The focal point of the painting is the goddess Venus portrayed in her ideal Renaissance form- pale skinned and red haired.

Submit a one-page Statement of Intent describing the events and ideas which led to your interest in this major

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I had special interest in the designs of clothes and their color combinations in my childhood. I used to suggest my mum and aunts what to wear with what so as to dress fashionably and decently. In my high school, I designed clothes for all my classmates as well as for my self for a stage performance.

Film industry in China

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Under the American patronage, China was able to produce its first true film in 1930s. There were a series of films produced during this period following the increases level of experience and human resource to boost the industry.


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Apart from the film being very well known for its narration of true events involving criminal body builders at the Sun Gym, the film is also notable for its form and style. The director of the movie, Michael bay is also a well known and respectable film personality having enjoyed worldwide success with his previous movies.

How important has Hollywood been in influencing Chinese filmmaking since the 1980s

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As a result of the reciprocal interest which has emerged on filmmaking in different countries, specific influences have also emerged on how films are made in general. In the past 50 years, the Chinese film industry has had a significant influence on Hollywood filmmaking, in terms of plot lines as well as action sequences.

The Shawshank Redemption and its Relation to Greek Mythology

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The Shawshank Redemption tells a story that, in many ways, exhibits themes found in Greek mythology. As is true for many Greek myths, the film features a heroic character that possesses intellect, wit, morals, and honor (Wickersham 99). The Shawshank Redemption is about a man named Andy Dufresne, a young banker who was given two life sentences for killing his wife and her lover.

Works of Yoko Ono vs Feminist Art

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College Works of Yoko Ono Vs Feminist art. Art created exclusively by women inevitably takes up the doctrine of women’s liberation. The artists find the women’s liberation as an underlying principle and an inspiration for a new system of aesthetic practice, which is called feminist art.

Western Versus Non-western art.

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Western Versus Non-western art. Different traditions and cultures around the world have unique types of art works. They depict the strengths and weaknesses in those cultures and traditions. Art is an important vessel in the society that can be used to express feelings and emotions towards particular topics.

Performance Art

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Performance Art Introduction Art is continually evolving. Various events and circumstances often affect it and often generate various changes and improvements. Wars, famine, poverty, drought, and other events have often had an impact on art, and have often driven artists into fits of inspiration with various masterpieces.

Research 2 Artists Lena Kurvska and Marcus Krackowizer in Relation to the Notion of Chance

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Through painting, artists express their creativity through different forms. They do this by abstraction and aesthetic means that bring out their expressive and conceptual intentions. In art, paintings are classified into either naturalistic or representational.

Water Lillies by Claude Monet.

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Water lilies by Claude Monet. Claude Monet was a vital personality in the development of the French Impressionist style and movement in the nineteenth century. He was inspired by nature making him paint works mostly dwelling on the nature and landscapes. The movement developed a very different style of painting that sought to bring out the artist’s ability to perceive the natural world around them.

Critical Studies in Art & Design Education. Formal analysis of Grey Lines with Black, Blue and Yellow.

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However, there is a contrast between dark and light colour at the centre of the photo. Line: The line act as areas which show difference in composition. The lines in the photo have been used to show complex shapes and the difference between the inner part of the photo and the out part.

Denver Art Museum

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Denver Art Museum Visual Analysis Essay One can see that art is enriched by the contributions of world renowned artists/artisans. Still, some of the artists/artisans show less interest in gaining popularity and fame. But their contributions reveal their dedication to art.

The cultural context

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This dream is fulfilled by Lincoln in Topdog/Underdog. This play by Suzan-Lori Parks is successfully played in many Broadway shows and other international plays during the years 2001 to 2002. Until now, the play continuously causes some impact with the many audiences.

assignment two

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Catherine the Great: I don`t get it why people think that only men can rule society. I have done a lot for my country, I don`t think that I am still not good enough. Mary Wollstonecraft: It`s true, you expanded Russia`s territory and empire southwards and westwards.

The Black Power Mixtape

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A little odd is the fact that the Swedish Journalists were following and recording the efforts and of course frustrations by blacks surviving in America’s back streets. All the documentation was for long stored in a basement for close to forty years until the making of this Mixtape.

The Supper of Emmaus by Caravaggio: A Formal Analysis of the Painting and a Discussion of Caravaggio's Artistic Techniques.

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The Supper at Emmaus (1601), which today hangs in the National Gallery in London, is perhaps one of the greatest paintings in the world and is the masterpiece of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610). Caravaggio was an artist of the Counter Reformation, a movement within the Roman Catholic Church which sought to affirm the doctrines of Catholicism and demonstrate the truth of the Bible stories by presenting them in vivid and realistic paintings (Oxford Art Online).

Art Analysis

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This image owing to its incorporation of diverse season’s features did arouse my interest once I noticed the unique incorporation of diverse materials that I never thought would be useful in art (Kaufmann 170). The artist’s exceptional expertise coupled with creativity fascinated me, to seek more information about it besides paying attention to what the materials he utilized to make the entire image implied.

Mother courage and her children

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The essential feature of such pieces of art was their theme of building the sentimental touch of stories based on the heroics or horrors of wars. A majority of such visual presentations in the movie format belong to the documentary genre. The movie ‘Theatre of War’ is a piece of film editing excellence from the director of the movie John Walter.

Reflection Assignment: Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

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Jackson. What you might not know is that the original Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is nearly 250 years old! The personified figures found in these wax museums unify them with other art-forms, such as paintings, sculptures, and even photography.  Go to: Compare some of the wax figures shown on this website.

Edwin Catmull and computer graphics

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Edwin Catmull. Every field of profession has certain luminaries considered impactful and must recognize when doing anything concerning that particular field. Some of the professional luminaries tend to be very influential and powerful after introducing and inventing certain interesting things about their respective professions.

Segment Analysis of “The Dark Knight Rises”

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The Dark Knight Rises (2012) is the third film of the Batman series directed by Christopher Nolan featuring the Dc comic character Batman. The trilogy revolves around a city named Gotham, from which the crime had been eradicated with help of the police department and Batman the super hero of the city.

film review about mental illness

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The movie showed the coping strategies of an autistic person when he is forced into doing something he does not like. This was shown in the scene where Charlie, Raymond’s brother was forcing Raymond to ride an airplane which Raymond has a fear of. He responds by mindlessly screaming in the airport amidst the crowd.

Dance Film Analysis Paper

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By doing so, the audience has a more enjoyable time watching the story unfold before them. One of the movies that successfully uses dance in order to advance its story plots, and also explain what is happening in a scene to the viewers if the movie “Chicago”.

Play Critique: “My Boy Jack” by David Haig

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This is David Haig's convincing play about the life of Rudyard Kipling which was originally played to packed houses at Hampstead. About a decade on, with the Iraqi tensions and the war on terrorism making the headlines almost on a daily basis, Haig's work now appears to be even more topical.
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