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Essay example - Compare and contrast the approaches that are available for analysing the project environment. How would a project manager use the outputs of this analysis

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Project Risk Management is a management technique that focuses on the identification and control of probabilistic occurrences that which have a potential to cause harm to a project. Different people will have different views of the impact of a particular risk, and a small risk for one person may seem enormous to another stakeholder…

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It will also help to formulate strategies and to decide whether the strategies devised to control risk are cost-effective.
A top priority for any Project Manager will be to make a complete list of the variables that can affect project performance. S/he must then try to anticipate which (if any) may lead to project failure. It is important to understand that these factors may not be clear and/or obvious; careful analysis of the full context within which the project is being undertaken (its "environment") is required.
The project environment may be defined as "the whole set of institutions, people and natural systems which surround the project and interact with it". The purpose of any analysis of the project environment is primarily to identify a list of factors that may have an impact on the successful conclusion of a project.
If the analysis has involved making judgments not just about what is important in the project environment but also at what level then the Hierarchical Model is appropriate. This divides the project environment into local, regional and national (or international) factors, each of which may need different responses.
Hierarchical models provide a way of examining differences across different parameters. ...
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