Public Financed Health Insurance Policies

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The hypothesis which forms the basis of this study is "PRIVATELY SPONSORED COMMUNITY EFFORTS ARE MORE ACTIVE THAN PUBLIC FINANCED PROGRAMS IN PROVIDING HEALTH INSURANCE TO THE UNINSURED POPULATION". The purpose of the study is to provide the people with a more coordinated and organized health care program and to analyze the Government policies regarding the issue.


increases in the Federal Funds directed towards the Government (public) financed health insurance programs. The study has used a theoretical model which has the capability of accepting multiple inputs, and analyzing them against multiple criteria. Lacking a quantitative model makes it less authentic for the study to be considered useful. The multiple criteria matching and analysis gives the study an effective tool for analyzing the subjects.
The research was not based on a particular design rather the data and figures were utilized by employing secondary research techniques extracting the statistics from already available data sources. The analysis comes from the Community Tracking Study (CTS), carried out every two years or so. The methodology also includes depth interviews with more than 1,000 health care leaders from a wide range of organizations across twelve randomly selected markets: Boston, Cleveland, Greenville (South Carolina),Indianapolis, Lansing, Little Rock, Miami, northern New Jersey, Orange County (California),Phoenix, Seattle, and Syracuse. This was a right measure taken to avoid any redundant costs in terms of time and effort; after all there is no use of reinventing the wheel. ...
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