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War in Afghanistan

According to Hersh (2004), "A report for the United Nations Development Program...stated that the nation was in danger of once again becoming 'a terrorist breeding ground' [if they did not receive more development aid]" (p. 145).
No one younger than 18 will be surveyed due to ethical considerations, which will be discussed more in the next section. Additionally, it is probably highly likely that no one over age 80 will be surveyed due to the fact that there might not that many older people to survey.
Additionally, people might feel frustrated with the war. According to Schroen (2005), "The debate continued over the fate of Kabul and how to deal with the Northern Alliance. The lack of focus in [the main] bombing campaign was of concern, becauseefforts to date seemed to be having little impact on the Taliban forces and their willingness and ability to fight" (p. 302).
The way the Taliban came to power is a complex issue. According to Rashid (2000), "between 1994 and the capture of Kabul in 1996, the Taliban's decision-making process was to change and become highly centralized, secretive, dictatorial, and inaccessibleMoreover after 1996, the Taliban made known their desire to become the sole rulers of Afghanistan without the participation of other groups" (p. 95).
According to Fiscus (2004), "America's greatest problem was finding targets in Afghanistan. ...Show more


We are fighting a game we do not know how to win. With all of its tactical difficulties and strategical problems, the war in Afghanistan is a war that we should not be willing to lose, but it is going to probably happen that we will lose anyway since for the most part we really don't know what we're doing over there.
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War in Afghanistan essay example
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