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Essay example - Self-Defense Is Not Just A Physical Technique

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High school
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According to Jacobs and Ogle (Pg 7-8) self-defense is a combination of vocal, mental, and physical skills you can apply to protect yourself in conditions varying from redundant or irritating remarks to physical violence and rape. Self-defense teaching assists with everyday insolence and border setting as well as organizing you to wrestle back in physical assaults…

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Self-defense lessons also offer women an unusual chance to discover the wide range of sentiments that frequently happen when we begin to recognize the altitude of aggression in our culture. It is an outstanding vehicle for discovering annoyance, sorrow, and terror, and for patter into the delight that arrives from finding your tone and determines your personal inner supremacy.
As the law of self-defense has evolved, it has become recognition of our right to defend ourselves with lethal force when we reasonably believe we are confronted with an imminent threat, which threat we did not create and from which we cannot retreat with safety. Under those circumstances, the law is ready to justify, as self-defense, conduct that otherwise would be considered criminal (Women Self Defense, Online).
Traditionally, self-defense has been defined as "the act of defending one's person when physically attacked, as by countering blows or overcoming an assailant" (Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1989). This definition, if strictly followed, would narrow the scope of instructional content to contain only the psychomotor learning domain. Holistic physical education instructional units must additionally account for the cognitive and affective learning spheres. ...
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