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Public Patriarchal Authority in Joe Ortons Plays

In fact, it is considered that "he communicated so successfully his version of the world Ortonesque as implying a peculiar mixture of the violent, the formal, and the amusing" (Orton, 1997). There are so many plays which Orton participated in and which thus could be discussed in his regards, however the aim of this paper is to discuss three plays and three characters in particular, the plays being: Entertaining Mr. Sloane, Loot, and What the Butler Saw; and the three characters being: Kemp, Truscott, and Rance. By addressing and discussing certain issues in this regards, such as the shared characteristics between the three and what they represent, their authority and power over the other characters in the plays and the power of the public patriarchal figures, as well as by examining the issue of Orton's plays being anti-authoritarian and undermining the patriarchal authorities, we will be able to come to a much more informed and knowledgeable understanding on this matter overall. This is what will be dissertated in the following.
Beginning with the play Entertaining Mr. Sloane, which was given its very first performance at the New Arts Theatre on May 6, 1964, and it ended up winning the London Critics' 'Variety' Award as the best play of the year. ...
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Joe Orton (1933 - 1967) was a man of incredible intrigue and wonder, one who had a short but incredibly prolific career in his time, and being a playwright was one of his most memorable acts of all; it was in the early 1960s when he actually began to write plays and his achievement and success in this forum was amassing…
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