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Grapevine Communications is a full service marketing communications organization with its head office located in the United States. It specializes in advertising, public relations, market research and consultation. This report presents a business plan for Grapevine Communications start up operation in Pakistan.


This will present the company's strengths and critical issues which will impact the company's success in the new market. The report explains how Grapevine will use its capabilities to sustain and increase profitability.
The report gives an overview of the organization's mission, vision and objectives and then explains the environmental factors which affect the business. The environment is scanned with using both the SWOT and PEST analysis. The results are used to identify key strategic areas for the company to focus on.
Within the next five years Grapevine will be a leader in the market and will help clients grow and expand their businesses by providing innovative, reliable and effective marketing solutions. We will remain a financially firm company and work towards securing our employee and customer interests.
Our company works towards providing consultation in addition to a complete range of cost effective marketing solutions for businesses that require rapid results to meet their market and financial goals.
The analysis of the environment is essential for understanding the future potential of the organization and its business success ( Covello & Hazelgern, 2005). This section looks into the current and potential situation of the environment in which the company will operate. ...
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