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Digital Media Assessment - Essay Example

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Digital Media Assessment

The technological advancements including the influence of the media turned the simple lives into a multi-system and multi faceted world. It is evident that media really played a big role in here. From communications to trade and industry to school systems to health lifestyle and even to the micro level such as the household perspective it has employed a bigger development in every aspect. Everything became digital and all. It became the governing and prevailing means of communication which introduced a new paradigm and framework to the society leaving to what is conventional and critical way of doing things. If this can be put into one word this might probably the "communication revolution" of all times (M2 Presswire, 2006).
Digital media is the integration of texts, sounds, graphics and data in a more advanced system formed into multi-media and networking. The data and information are carefully formed into multi level of data presented into less, cheap and convenient way of accessing it whether it is music, information or entertainment. It opened to the possibilities of creating gaps and spaces from the message to the messenger and onto the receiver. It created boundaries and fissures that is why this is argued by the theorists who are concerned of the influencing power of the digital media that might possibly become the captain of everything in the world (M2 Presswire, 2006 & Miller, 2005).
Digital media was seen as the convergence of the different forms of the digital medium in information and communication and packaged into a single medium which is distributed widely in different parts of the world. It is the union of bits and bytes into a simpler and easier form, as what the media artists say, through the use of a common language, medium and packaging (M2 Presswire, 2006).
There are 7 identified characteristics of the digital world identified by Miller (2005) and these are the following:
1. Interconnection. It explains that everything is linked with each other. The threats and opportunities that encountered are interlinked. Several networks have surfaced because of the common interests projected to the communities involved.
2. Multifaceted. Things that are complex and multifaceted as a system can be attributed to the complex environment. It is like a domino effect that when one code struggles everything else follows. This might cause complexities and problems in the business dealings and other complex financial transactions.
3. Acceleration. The introduction of digital media hastens everything we do from business transactions to marketing to capital growth and even in doing simple things at school such as homework and projects. Communication is hastened that is why everything else hastens as well as the development of the new technologies.
4. Intangibility. As digital environment is introduced, more intangibles have come the way. The physical and tangibles are shied away from the users because they are more presented with the convenient way of having these products by using the system introduced to them.
5. Convergence. New ways will be integrated since everything will be in one medium such as the CD and DVD.
6. Immediacy. Everything else is done in faster and easier way so the introduction of the digital era is one solution to respond to the ever changing technological environment without reflecting on the effects it may cause.
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For over years that have passed, media and technology played an important part in shaping the lives of the society. Every business establishments, institutions such as schools, play or game areas have been using technologies that will make their life easier, convenient and faster…
Author : kbarrows
Digital Media Assessment essay example
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