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Different aspects of domestic violence

It is this definition that has been the basis of evolution for policing policies as applied to domestic violence. The trend in policing today is for the police department to compose of a triage. For example, in many police departments across the United States, when an officer responds to a domestic violence call, he/she may contact the dispatcher, who will call the Crisis Center for Women 24-hour hot line. Then the Crisis Center sends a response van to the scene and will transport the victim and children to the Center's shelter. The Center will also provide transportation to court appearances and provide court advocacy. This on-scene response is available for all situations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After the on-scene response is complete, the case is turned over to the domestic violence unit, which consists of two full-time investigators who handle all incoming cases.
Defenders of mandatory arrest and prosecution policies contend that battered women are too helpless and fearful to make appropriate decisions about the arrest or pros ...
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Domestic violence has been defined in various ways in the legal, social science, and psychology fields. Within the legal field alone, the term carries a different meaning depending on whether state or federal law governs and whether a case arises in the criminal or civil sphere…
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