American Films in the 1970's

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The 1970s are widely considered to be the golden age of American cinema. The decade witnessed a revolutionary period for American cinema that left its impacts on not only on the American film industry but the entire world cinema. The decade, for the first time saw a new American movie culture that saw the production of stylishly entertaining movies that could be enjoyed both emotionally and intellectually.


Their thematic and stylistic innovations represented a radical break from Hollywood's classic paradigms.
The decade saw a revolutionary change in the outlook of film critism also. Films were now being perceived as personal art pieces rather than only commercial blockbusters. Films were no longer evaluated in terms of their stories, but as art works whose style and mise-en-scene were more important than their contents.
The 70s witnessed the birth of some of the most inspiring and exhilirating films directed by the greatest of film makers of the era. Nashville a 1975 classic is arguably one of finest films of the century that can be regarded as one of the finest masterpieces of the
film making wizard, Robert Atman. Written by Joan Tewkesbury and produced by Robert Atman himself, Nashville features Altman's trademark overlapping dialogue that depicts classic improvisation and film making brilliance. The 159 min overwhelming fantasy, deals beautifully with classical real country music, deftly touching gospel music businesses in Nashville Tennessee. The characters in te film, evolve from real country music figures that material on U.S presidential politics. ...
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