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I have grown up seeing my parents struggle selflessly to provide me and my siblings with all the luxuries of life and this has inspired me to strive hard to improve my life and of those around me. Since childhood, I have heard my dad telling me about how he came from India all alone with $200 in his pocket to United States of America which he ended up spending it next day on mailing off packages to family members in the country and then from the very next day, he started to work in a construction company in Appomattox and from that day till today, he has constantly been saving up to first marry my mom, and then to raise us.


Although my academic standing is quite average but I love to work hard and due to this reason I am certain that I will be able to perform quite well at Queen's University.
One of the main reasons for me taking up Business degree at Queen's University is that it is a very competitive and challenging degree and I love challenges and I am ready to take them up. Even though my academic standing is average, I believe that I will be able to finish the degree with flying colors with hard work as the main ingredient just like the way I was able to pass the AP tests which are known for their challenging nature.
As long as I can remember, my parents have not only tried to provide us with all the necessities of life but they have always been ready to help anyone who needed it and after seeing that I myself have realized that when you do something for others, it brings more pleasure than when you do it for yourself. ...
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