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A Political Speech on Guantanamo Bay

However, the remnants of the war will never settle and will forever terrorize our minds as we try to move on.
Why -because we could never come to terms of the fact that someday we will pay for all the pain and suffering we have caused to others. The sword of Damocles hangs high above our heads as we take in the Prisoners of War at our own mercy and disposal. In the guise of national security we seek to inflict pain and torture on the prisoners to extract what "-information to justify their presence in camps like Guantanamo Bay in Cuba" As POW's, these men are the mere forgotten and dispensable "soldiers-made-puppets" of another ambitious man wielding a form of power. These men are ordinary humans just like every American soldier we send to battle. They had homes and families who took care of them before being uprooted to fight for a cause and we are slowly draining them of their capacity to lead normal lives. Like spectators in a barbaric show of strength, we take pride in stripping them of the last vestiges of sanity. Instead of nurturing these men to erase possible traces of hate, we are evoking the primal instinct of man to fight back and defend. We try to insult a person's faith and his right to religion and what do we have to offer in return
We are engaged in endless arguments over the prisoners in Guantanamo yet at the moment, we can never prove whi ...
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We are all being terrorized!- and we all are the willing victims of terror. For as we dig deeper into the annals of history, we cannot dismiss the fact that man has an insatiable greed for power and has taken the ultimate pleasure in another person's downfall…
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