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Education is one of the most important sectors of the Kenyan economy. The country is a third world country but rapidly developing. For the country to grow economically there great needs that its citizens being educated. Provision of this vital resource will help her citizens acquire skills required for exploiting her vast resources amicably well.


College diploma courses take three years and are offered by various colleges across the country.
The majority of the people i.e. 80% live in abject poverty i.e. they cannot spend more than one dollar per day. Due to this most students cannot afford to pay for their education expenses which cover tuition, building and development expenses, food and catering, money to buy books and lastly the school uniform. Before free education was introduced most of the student dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. The government at that time was corrupt and very inefficient, these lend to massive deterioration of the country education sector, and international funds were also not available as donor funds were withheld due to the many corruption scandals. In January 2003, the national rainbow coalition government took power with the promise to bring free primary education to help the poor illiterate student to attain basic education. Free primary education was implemented. This saw a massive enrollment of student with classes which had 50 student now having more than 100 students. In Nairobi the student population tripled. Free primary education has been advantageous. Many unlearned Kenyan have benefited from it. It was surprising that even old men joined primary school. ...
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