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Criminal Law: assault charge

He was charged correctly, and if George had have told Harry what was going on and then Harry still went through with it then he still would have been charged the same way.
The guilt of a person in a criminal case may in fact be proved without any evidence that he personally did every act involved in regards to the commission of the crime charged; "the law recognizes that, ordinarily, anything a person can do for himself may also be accomplished through direction of another person as an agent, or by acting together with, or under the direction of, another person or persons in a joint effort." (Aiding, n.d.).
Therefore, if the acts or the conduct of this agent, for example - or any other associate of the person for that matter - are directly and specifically directed or unauthorized by the person, or if the person "aids and abets another person by willfully joining together with that person in the commission of a crime, then the law holds the person responsible for the conduct of that other person just as though the person had engaged in such conduct himself." (Aiding, n.d.).
Hence, from this we can see that although H ...
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George is charged with assault and robbery because robbery is a crime which is considered as being "the crime of seizing property through violence or intimidation." (Wikipedia, 2006). However, he was also charged with an assault charge on top of the robbery charge, and this is in reference to the fact that he punched the shopkeeper during the incident…
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