Planning and Threat Assessment Paper

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A nurse-assisted wheelchair-bound client is to be transported from his residence to a court for a hearing on charges of multiple counts of murder. The case is highly controversial since it has racist overtones and the client is outspoken regarding the issue.


Since the case involves heavy racial undertones, the composition and characteristics of the security detail is a critical issue and should be analyzed. Every individual must be cross-checked to determine any conflicting issues as internal threats must be eliminated before effectively managing possible external threats. First, it would be appropriate to have all men come from the white profile as having others from other races would present a conflict of interest. No matter how much training the security personnel has received, there is still the probability of reacting negatively to the blatant and controversial statements made by the client.
Secondly, any affiliations and correspondences made by each security personnel should be analyzed to determine any pathways for leakage of information and breach of confidentiality. It should be stressed upon each individual that no information regarding the operation shall be discussed in any way to other people no matter how close or innocent they are.
This group shall be comprised of 6 individuals and shall provide the escort and guarding of the client during the trip and case hearing. 1 person shall be the designated driver and shall guard the automobile against any threat. 2 individuals shall be responsible for crowd control and the remaining shall provide close security.
Monitoring and securing of property in the absence of the client shall be undertaken by ...
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