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(Merriam-Webster English Dictionary, 2006-2007 Edition).
It is evident that one of the necessary conditions of freedom is the absence of oppression by an external actor, whether it be another individual, group of individuals or a government or society. One is free when they are not restrained and regulated by the mandates made by others than themselves. 18th Century political philosopher contributed to this conception of freedom in his Second Treatise of Civil Government. Locke defined freedom as "that all things equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his Life, Health, Liberty or Possessions." (Locke, 318). In this definition, Locke concluded that freedom consisted of an individual's rights to their life and health in addition with their freedom to pursue happiness that includes protection of private property and the liberty to pursue their own living. While Locke wrote this with the intent of establishing the foundations of a just government and civil society, the very meaning of freedom must first be defined and justified in order to set the framework for any form of civil society. ...
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Freedom, and its synonyms and like terms such as liberty, is a term often invoked in philosophical, political and social discourse throughout history and modern times, and undoubtedly will be invoked in the future. Armies and navies have fought and died for this term and artists and poets continue to explore the very meaning of freedom…
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