Innovation and Management of Change

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The acceleration of the business life cycles cannot give success while feeling comfortable. Being a head in the market conditions is possible with innovation and this can result in change in the conditions and the environment of the company. The introduction of new technologies is necessary to increase innovation in human resources.


The innovation is a result of knowledge management, value chain management, customer partnership, distribution, finance, manufacturing and competitiveness. The innovation and changes it brings in the organizations can be analysed by a frame work and different models. These are useful in assessing the effectiveness of innovation and change. The structure, systems, style, skills, staff and shared values are the key elements in making any organization successful. This tells that the innovation and change also should be brought in these elements uniformly so that they effect each other's operations positively. This helps the managers to address and manage the difficulties posed by changes that are necessary for long term development of the company. In general the initiation of the innovation by leaders in the managers will lead to break the rules. The declaration of the future by the leader will involve a purpose for the company in the future. This involves the enterprise wide approach to business process management and can remove the obstacles blocking execution of management intentions. This increases agility and focus on the activities of the business. When organizational structure defines the framework, there is less probability for innovation. ...
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