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Essay example - King Lear by Shakespeare

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Throughout the history, art plays an important role in life of ordinary people determining their preferences and tastes, reflecting cultural values and traditions. Identifying art is a pressing issue; one could no longer suppose that there is a tacit or implicit cultural understanding ready-to-hand and non-Western art hailed from other cultures, with potentially different prevailing assumptions, anyway (Eldridge 27)…

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Thesis Art helps the main characters to find the truth, understanding the meaning of friendship and love, and resist chaos and evil.
In King Lear, the concept of art is based on binary opposition; good - evil, life - death, chaos - order. Using his techniques, Shakespeare 'teaches' the audience about good and bad, virtues and sins, social and immoral behavior. For instance, actions of Duke of Cornwall and Regandepict low morals of people who act in their own interests only forgetting about human virtues and goodness. Regansarcastically comments: "Which the most precious square of sense possesses, / And find I am alone felicitate / In your dear Highness' love" (Shakespeare 1999). Using binary opposition of good and evil, Shakespeare unveils consequences of selfishness and egoism, aggressiveness and low personal values of people. In opposition to Regan and Goneril, Shakespeare creates a character of Cordelia a loving and sympathetic daughter. The nonsensical action caused sufferings for many innocent people because of dishonor, falsehood, low moral values 'preached' by the society. Evil and sins ruin happiness and art seeing as a constructive force of happiness and love. ...
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