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Communication: verbal and non-verbal

The modes of verbal communication can be many but the underlying principle or the medium remains the same (language). Some other verbal modes of communication can be: Face to face communication, Recorded (voice recordings, voice mails e.t.c), Telephone, Voice chat.
But as mentioned earlier, verbal method of communication is not the only method of communication equally important (though not very obvious a lot of times) is non-verbal communication methods. Non-verbal communication can further be divided into two parts; written and non-written communication. Some researchers put written communication into the category of verbal communication (due to the fact that it is based on language) but in my opinion it is different from verbal communication. The reason being, the sensory function used in written communication is that of sight but most verbal communication methodologies make use of listening skills (sometimes with the combination of sight as well) however the major emphasis is on listening. Written communication can be in many different forms such as: Books, letters, E-mail, facsimile, On-Screen Display, printouts, chatting e.t.c. It is important to note here that many of the written communication modes can be one-way (i.e. ...
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Communication simply stated is the process of sharing information. Like any other process communication will have an input, process and output. The input in this case is the thought or the information to be shared, the processing part is handled by the medium of exchange and the output is what is conveyed to the information receiver.
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