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Essay example - Vaginitis particularly

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Vaginitis particularly the trichomonas vaginalis infection is deemed as one of the most common gynecologic conditions encountered by physicians. To help address this health problem, this paper intends to provide an overview relative to this vaginal infections…

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The subsequent sections provide an overview regarding this infection.
The common type of vaginitis is caused by the trichomonas vaginalis (T. vaginalis), an anaerobic parasitic flagellated protozoan. The T. vaginalis trophozoite has five flagella arising near the cytosome. Four of the said flagella extend outside the cell collectively. The fifth flagellum, the function of which is unknown, wraps backwards along the surface of the organism. Apart from these, a barb-like axostyle, which may be used for attachment to surfaces and cause damage of tissues observed in trichomoniasis infections, protrudes on the opposite of the four-flagella bundle. (Talaro, 2002)
The T. vaginalis has multiple enzymes that catalyze a number of reactions. However, it lacks mitochondria and other necessary enzymes and cytosomes to conduct oxidative phosporylation. This organism survives by obtaining nutrients transported through the cell membrane and via phagocytosis. To maintain energy requirements, it makes use of a small amount of enzymes through glycolysis of glucose to glycerol and succinate in the cytoplasm. These processes are followed by the further conversion of pyruvate and malate to hydrogen and acetate in the hydrogenosome organelle. (Ryan & Ray, 2004)
The normal vaginal flora is maintained by a complex and intricate balance of microorganisms that includ ...
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