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Project Scheduling

(Dilworth 1992, p.567)
Using the precedence diagram and activity schedule given, the following bar chart was made showing earliest and latest dates for activities A through K. To work out the early start and early finish of our network one has to start at the beginning activity, that is the activity/ activities with no predecessor. The early start of a job in a network is the earliest that a job can begin. In the case of a job with predecessors, the early start of a job is the largest of the early finish times of its predecessors. The early finish of a job is its early finish plus its own duration. This procedure of starting at the beginning and working out the early start and early finish of the activities in a network is often referred to as "forward pass".
without extending the total time of the project. Late finish of an activity is the late start of the activity that succeeds. If an activity has more than one successor, then the smaller of the late starts is to be taken. In the case of activities that do not have a successor, the late finish is taken as the total time of the project. The late start of such activities is their late finish less their duration.
Working out the late start of activities will help answer the questions: can the start of some activities be delayed, and if so by how much It must be mentioned at this juncture that this is a luxury that d ...
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The uses of network analysis are as extensive as the subject itself. Planning, scheduling and control of large projects has become less difficult because of the tools of networking. Yet at the same time network analysis should not be seen as a tool for managing complexity in isolation…
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