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Folk Songs Teaching Approaches

This should not be the case as we have to preserve our culture and for this to be taken seriously, then, there has to be better approaches for teaching folk songs to students.
There are a number of levels and methods for teaching folk songs whereby the method used coincide with the purpose of the students in learning the folk song or the purpose of the teacher in teaching the folk dance. The main aim of the teacher when it comes to teaching folk songs is to maintain quality with limited resources.
Another component which is important in teaching folk songs is to understand folk song in the context; the creator of the song, which particular occasion is the song sang by the those who created it, the customs and traditions surrounding the occasion of the song, other elements of the culture that spawned it of which the song is but single element.
The teacher teaches the steps, the style and the context of the folk song as he has mastered them. It is easier to teach the steps and it is difficult to teach the style while on the other hand the context has not been fully researched to be adequately learnt. However, it becomes difficult for even the best dancer to teach the styles of each different region. The teachers must admit to their students that it is difficult for one master styles of every folk songs they dance in order to encourage them. ...
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There has been a great concern in the way music has been perceived by our schools. For this case, I have come up with an approach that can be adopted for by our school in teaching music. My emphasis will be the approach that will be used to teach folk songs.
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