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Management Questions

Concentration is a unit of summary measures that connects proportion with numbers. Regardless of the knowledge on customer's risks of individuals with high accuracy degree or knowledge on the relationship between customers' risks a reduced concentration will lead to an overall reduction on the organizations credit risk exposure and its range of receivables thus increasing the firm's diversification
The management should be deeply concerned in overcoming initial pitfalls and in provision of the finances required in the export process. These he can do by closely monitoring the efforts towards international marketing.
The management should seek export guidance from qualified personnel which will assist them in developing a good marketing strategy prior to the start of the export business. The developed strategy should incorporate the export objectives plus expected 'negatives'.
The management should be extra cautious when selecting distributors from overseas. Best distributors are those who are very independent in their work. However, the international distributors should be given the same treatment as the domestic counterparts with much emphasis on orderly growth and profitable ventures.
The management should never hold assumptions that given product marketing techniques will obviously succeed in all countries i.e. ...
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Demand of a product is influenced by several factors some of which includes price of the product, prices of the cross substitutes, the consumers income, consumers taste of a particular good, consumers expectations about future prices , advertising among others…
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