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Build Environment

Since there is no open space on both sides of the building, the structure can be insulated, steed aided, glass tinted with base insulators. Steel can be chosen for this building alongside timber and concrete work. Steel doesn't rust fast it is immune to creatures such as insects and termites, therefore, there less need for insecticides and pesticides. Steel is not combustible, and we can safely say that it is fireproof.
Steel can withstand natural turbulence such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. It has much earthing protection from lightning strikes. There would be less fear of the load bearing in placing interior walls because steel allows greater design in flexibility. In modern structures, the combination of steel and timber is a good choice. Steel framed buildings with glass panels and wood or timber would make a good combination to the conditions sited. Light framed structures of aluminium, steel and large glass panels are to be considered in this structure. Insulating concrete with the use of foam forms filled with concrete and structural insulated, foam panels faced with oriented strand board or (a good alternative) fibre cement, can both be used, as well as light gauge steel framing and the more detailed heavy-gauge steel framing. Because of its location, brick and block construction could be an option. Large glass panels are best for the front and rear side of the structure. ...
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A 20 storey block, multi-occupied of which 50% hotel and 50% offices, is to be built in the centre of the city of Preston. There is a very limited space on site for storage of materials and there is minimum access-ability due to the roads surrounding the site…
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