Organizational Analysis, FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen

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I. The two facilities of FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River have different approaches to management and this has resulted in different cultures within the organizations. They are in different industries and serve a different customer base. The manager of FMC Green River would like to institute some of the team concept approaches used at the FMC Aberdeen plant.


I. FMC Aberdeen is a relatively new location for FMC that manufactures missile canisters for the Navy. It is a complex and highly technical component, but it is the only product made at Aberdeen. Aberdeen, with 100 employees, has been managed by a succession of individuals who have empowered the employees and encouraged the company to be a thinking organization. They work in teams of from 3 to 16 members, the employees are flexible, and they seek unique solutions to problems on a continual basis. This approach has worked well for Aberdeen and the present manager Roger Campbell has been very successful (Clawson 2005).
The manager of FMC Green River, Kenneth Dailey, would like to incorporate some of Aberdeen's organizational models at the Green River facility. The Green River plant is over ten times the size of Aberdeen. It has been in existence for over 50 years, almost since the beginning of the parent corporation. The plant is unionized and the labor is specialized. There is not a close company social structure associated with work at Green River. Green River is a good place to work, the employees are well paid, and they have no trouble attracting qualified applicants (Clawson 2005).
III. The types of jobs at the two facilities are considerably different ...
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