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Essay example - The War and the Worker

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In her "The War and the Worker", Rosa Luxemburg comes up with convincing descriptions of the social structures of her society following the World War I and the course of the war and its aftermath as explained in "Modern Europe" prove Luxemburg's claims of 1916…

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In the aftermath of the war, the entire world, particularly Europe, witnessed utter confusion and drastic changes. "Violated, dishonored, wading in blood, dripping filth--there stands bourgeois society Not all spic and span and moral, with pretense to culture, philosophy, ethics, order, peace, and the rule of law--but the ravening beast, the witches' Sabbath of anarchy, a plague to culture and humanity In the midst of this witches' Sabbath a catastrophe of world-historical proportions has happened: International Social Democracy has capitulated. To deceive ourselves about it, to cover it up, would be the most foolish, the most fatal thing the proletariat could do." (Luxemburg) According to the author, one of the most important results of the 'great historical test' in Germany was that the organization of the proletariat has been yoked entirely to the service of imperialism and the state of siege was borne very docilely in the nation. Similarly, in the aftermath of the war in Germany, the press was hobbled so much, public opinion was stifled, and the economic and political class struggle of the working class was absolutely surrendered. These are the crucial criticisms that the author is putting forward in the article. To her, openhanded self-criticism is essential for the existence of the working class and it is their supreme duty. ...
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