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Naturally then upon completion of the project, I was exposed to the experimentation of nontraditional methods of type development, while seeking design inspiration from my own environment I chose materials based on ordinary objects bought at the local 99 cent only stores. Some items students worked with plastic suction cup hooks, plastic sandwich bags and an electrical outlet adapter. The purpose of this exploration was to expose students to the potential of typographic solutions inspired from the everyday. I found each experiment to be equally inspiring.
I have always been enchanted with simplicity. I think that it is the obvious which is overlooked. The materials at the 99 cent stores are consistently looked at as if they are throw-aways but imagine if an alphabet based on simplicity could work as a language for those who suffered from visual diseases.
Working with the simple objects reminded me of what the original purpose of language is. We use language to communicate with others, and it think that it can be said that the majority of cultures somehow find their way into 99 cent stores, thus the culture has common elements as it is. Inventing a language from the items merely takes my concept to the next level.
When we look at Chinese, Japanese and Egyptian lettering, we see beautiful art forms. The same very much exists in my project. ...
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Typography is the balance and interplay of letterforms on the page, a verbal and visual equation that helps the reader understand the form and absorb the substance of the page content. Typography plays a dual role as both verbal and visual communication. Typography plays a dual role as both verbal and visual communication…
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