Obesity and Responsibility

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Obesity is one of the most impotent problems today affected millions of children around the world. Like any other human dynamic, childhood is shaped by macro-social forces such as ideology. While individual response to such forces may be unique and self-directed, it is not simply free to operate outside of the boundaries drawn by such social influences.


Obesity is defined as weight at least 20% in excess of the range suggested in standard height weight tables or a body mass index greater than 27 (Martin 2005).. Every year, child obesity costs 100 million dollars to the government. Poor education and absence of equal opportunities is the main factors limited the equal distribution of economic and social resources.
The responsibility of the government can be explained by the fact that it does not introduce strict rules and regulations to control fast food industry and advertising. Most researchers (Anderson et al 2003) parallel child obesity epidemics with economic problems and development and growth of fast food industry which became a distinctive feature of the life style. Fast food life style is dangerous because it results in disbalance of nutrition and causes eating disorders. All fast food contains high cholesterol level which is the primarily cause of obesity. Limited physical activity worsens the problems of obesity. Most fast food restaurants popularize and promote unhealthy eating behavior which leads to obesity problems. Most food proposed in such restaurants is fat saturated with high caloricity level. In spite of advertising efforts to promote health conscious menus or calorie free diet, hamburgers and fried potato are the most "dangerous" products sold by fast food. ...
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