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The Red Blood cells

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Section A Calculation for RBC Length of one smallest square = 1/20 mm Width of one smallest square = 1/20 mm Depth of one smallest square = 1/10 mm Volume of one smallest square = 1/20 x 1/20 x 1/10 = 1/4000 mm3 Total number of RBCs counted = 1036 (5 squares, 4 corners + 1 center) No.

Hardness Test

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It occurs whenever the character of the solid matter under force appears to be complex. In this respect, there are a variety hardness measurements. These include indentation hardness, scratch hardness, and rebound hardness. Hardness does not depend on elastic stiffness, ductility, strength, strain, plasticity, toughness, viscosity, and viscoelasticity (Anyalebechi 1).

Properties of Gases

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Zinc metal and dilute hydrochloric acid are the preferred reagents for the production of hydrogen gas in the laboratory (Hill, Graham, and John 25). The reaction between zinc metal and dilute hydrochloric acid is as follows: Zn(s) + 2HCl (aq) ZnCl2 (aq) + H2 (g)

Experiment 4:Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone (Aldol Reaction)

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The reaction involves an aldol condensation reaction between the two reactants in presence of a basic catalyst, NaOH. Aldol condensation proceeds via an addition reaction between an aldehyde and a ketone, resulting in the formation of an aldol. The aldol product undergoes dehydration to give an enone product.

Isolation and identification of unknown bacteria microbiology

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Bacteria also can contaminate and impair the process of food production and packagind that can lead to significant economic impact but more importantly can be a source of more widespread morbidity in human population and a mechanism of generation of widespread epidemics.

Current flow in a circuit (purely resistive and restive-capacitive

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The current may cause effects such as heating or even induce magnetic fields preferably used for generators, motors and inductors. Current generally flows from the positive terminal towards the negative terminal of battery and there is voltage drop across the electrical elements in the circuit due to resistance, reactance or inductance.

Grass Growth in the Presence of Salt

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Grass Growth in the Presence of Salt Introduction: This investigation is facilitated by the observation of the lack of grass growth approximately three inches from the driveway where salt is customarily spread during the winter months. In addition to the bald patches near the driveway, slow growth is noticed in the patches of lawn up to a foot away from the driveway.


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Identification of bacteria as a causative agents of diseases, epidemics, contaminated food and other sources of infection and illness is a process that has growing significance in the modern world. Bacteria are a causative agents for many diseases in humans and domestic animals that and can be a cause of significant health impact on the human population.

Identification of GMO foods using PCR Lab Report

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The genetically modified reference standards were used as controls and the samples were analyzed using agarose gel electrophoresis. GMOs was not identified in all of our soy beans samples with PCR method, we rejected our null hypothesis that stated GMOs was present in our soy beans samples.

PharmaSim Final Report

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This report summarizes the decisions we made and its impact on our brand’s performance. Marketing Plan and Strategies Marketing is all about creating shareholder and social value, achieved through products that deliver value to customers in the marketplace by providing an aggregate of benefits that the customers recognize more than competitively substitutable products.

quench and temper

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Three pieces of steel were subjected to different tempering temperatures while one piece was neither quenched nor tempered. The results indicate significant difference due to the temperatures to the conclusion that lower temperatures are recommended for the tempering stage.

Employee Engagement: Policies Adopted and its Benefits

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Recognising their effect on the financial performance of the company, employees are highly prioritised through the various efforts of the companies to maintain employee satisfaction. Employing in human resource management and policies, employees are motivated to work beyond the expectations of the company.

Microbiology: Unknown Organism

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Through this study, we can observe the amazing reactions. The unknown microorganism was able to ferment sucrose anaerobically hence the production of carbon dioxide and the color change. From the obtained results, the identity of the unknown microorganism was the bacterium Proteus vulgaris.

Data analysis report

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uestionnaire was used to collect this data since it yield more information as opposed to interviews and is used as the most common data collection tool (Velicer et al. 1990). The questionnaire had parts on attitude of the participant towards smoking; whether pleasant to smoke,

Article Critique on article critique on " Preferences for Friends and Close Relationship Partners: A Cross-Cultural Comparison." that I found in Academic Search Primer. Journal of Social Psychology, Aug 91, Vol 131 Issue 4, p579-581.

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Buss has measured such attributes with reference to cross-cultural differences in his research in 1989. Bond has made his research on the subject by a comparative analysis of two different nations based on the

Molecular Basis of Pernicious Anaemia

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Others include infiltration of inflammatory cells into the stomach and production of auto- antibodies to various proteins. It also involves the intrinsic factor and proton pump of parietal cells whereby intrinsic factor can be identified as the factor that is involved in the absorption of vitamin B12.

Internship Report: MAK Group's Financial Department

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I have also had constant exposure to both national and international equity markets, with particular emphasis on bonds, currencies and the stock market. I have worked with investment funds, precious metals and venture capitals, and has also reviewed reports received by the Group on both national and international investment banks.

investigating the effects of mutation on active site amino acids of beta-lactamase

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Generally, there are two ways of producing modified proteins. Usually, turns and loops are the first areas of interest while considering engineering of new binding sites. Modifications are done either by creating new binding sites introducing random mutations on the surface of strands, helices or randomization of already existing regions that connect secondary structures.

incredible egg

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Osmosis is a specific form of this where water molecules travel across a semi permeable membrane in response to the difference in concentrations, also known as the gradient in concentration. This transport is passive, and does not require any energy. Water molecules will move in the direction of a high concentration of solute, and hence low water concentration until equilibrium is reached.

Lab report on Apoptosis

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Significant reduction in survivin protein expression was observed in lymphocytes from colon cancer patients exposed to oxaliplatin or vinflunine. Treatment, especially with oxaliplatin and possibly with vinflunine, is likely to induce mitiotic catastrophe in the lymphocytes.

Impact of loss figures and their predictive factor for future AFL games based on reactance theory (RT)

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A second set of hypotheses examined the impact of the size of the loss on the subsequent game and whether the results supported an LHT or RT. The scores found that while RT was slightly supported in the first hypotheses, there was no corresponding correlation in the second hypotheses which results indicated showed limited support for LHT.


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For each configuration, we suspended a number of masses on the spring system and measured the displacement of the setup from its original position. We’d then find out the effective spring constants graphically by plotting the graph between the force applied and displacement of the system, .

Expression Of Recombinant Tick Histamine-Binding Protein

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EXPRESSION OF RECOMBINANT TICK HISTAMINE-BINDING PROTEIN TC11485 FROM Rhipicephalus microplus USING PPICZ-ALPHA IN Pichia pastoris Abstract Histamine-binding proteins (HBP) are ubiquitous biomolecules with pharmacologic importance, since they have an immunosuppressing activity, which can help prevent adverse health conditions such as histamine shock.

sex roles and body shape/ masculinity, femininity

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In addition, the previous research has shown that stereotypical sex roles exhibit connections between personality traits. The focal aim of the research presented herein is to determine the relationship existing between sex roles and body shapes corresponding to femininity and masculinity.

Looking Inside a Computer Laboratory Literature Search

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Most tools can offer in the very least some useful real-time feedback if not operate as autonomous units. Computers have the role of data processing to give some output or solution. In this ubiquitous aspect of computer technology, they have different uses and the use criteria varies with the individual situation.

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