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max power transfer theorem and kirkchhoffs laws

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When the load resistance is greater than the source resistance, the efficiency would be higher because a high percentage of the source would be moved to the load. The magnitude of load power would be low due to the resistance in the circuit that increases. Whenever the

Ballistic pendulum

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The ballistic pendulum entails a gun, which fires a small ball into the underlying pendulum. Originally, the ball is moving but the underlying pendulum is static. After the ball goes into the prevailing

Critical Analysis - Southern Discomfort & Waterway Industries

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(Wallace 1996). The workmen are obdurate about reducing the hourly wage rate and do not seem to share the management’s viewpoint in implementing innovative changes in the present technology. Further, the competitors

Business formation and purpose

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The UK government established the British Airways Board in 1972 to manage the operations of its two nationalised airline corporations; British Overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways along with two

Grignard arylation

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Grignard reagents are carbanions with counterions of Mg2+ and Br-. This reaction was discovered by Victor Grignard and follows the following basic scheme (Clayden, Geeves and Warren): Grignard reagents undergo several reactions, the most common being the

Ph conductivity lab

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Using this approach, the concentration of the NaCl solutions could be directly determined. The PH of various solutions was also measured using an electronic PH probe, red

Moment and equilibrium

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This is presented by the demonstrations chosen some loaded beams. Moment of force therefore is that force that is due to the revolving effect ,for example when a force is subjected to one end of an body whose other end is attached to a

Joule Thompson effect

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The work of Gay-Lussac and J.P. Joule were examined in the Joule-effect. The apparatus used and the procedure for this important experiment that formed the basis of the Joule-Thomson experiment was also looked into. Credible sources were

(GC Instrument Experiment) Determination of Ethanol Concentration in Biological Fluids using Gas Chromatography.

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Therefore they end up drinking more and more in order to fit in the society. A credible sourced survey indicates that the rate of alcohol and drug consumption in the adults in much lower

Geomorphology Lab

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3. Based on your scatter plot and knowledge acquired from your textbook, what is the critical angle, in degrees, that determines if the boulder would move, or not? Why did you choose this

Molecules and Processes of Life Activity 6 - Cellular Respiration and the Effects of Pollutants on Its Rate

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The pollutants are thought to play a role in interruptions that occur in cellular respiration (Audesirk, Audesirk & Byers, 2006). Experiment on the effect


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ication of mammalian cells, accessing cell viability, investigating the difference in morphology of lymphocytes in comparison to other leukocytes as well as examining the abundance of B and T lymphocytes in the cell suspension. When counting cells using Haemocytometer, it is

Bio's lap report

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In addition, this report will describe in detail the role of the sperm and egg in making a baby. An average man can produce approximately 100 million of sperm per day. Each sperm is unique because of the process called

Switching point for work place - Fluid Power Lab

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1S1 and 1S2 show minimal hysteresis effect on brass, and aluminum which increases on mild steel, stainless steel and copper and multiple switching points are recorded. No switching points

Ionic Reactions

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Questions: A) It is clearly seen that solubility rules are generally followed in all the experiments. By using them, it is possible to predict the outcome of almost any exchange reaction.

Darwinian Snails

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The main reason for this is that, this is the site where the European green crab; a snail predator, reached after migrating from Europe in the early 19th century. To carry out the experiment I used four tanks that were filled


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The audiometry technique, the testing of the ears is done separately. In the conduction of air and bone, sound is applied to one ear, the skull bone is important in stimulating the cochlea. Cross hearing occurs when


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The services offered include 24-hour information and crisis hotline, emergency shelter, referrals and information, community awareness education, and the law enforcement training for the profession. IPV (Intimate partner

U3 Lab Reprort

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The main objective of these lab activities is the expose the participants to how various networking concepts have over the years been used to integrate different kinds of technologies in order to enable information exchange. Great

lab formal report

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The law is bellow, The primary aim of the underlying experiment is to determine the molecular mass of a volatile liquid in weighed flask. A small amount of the

Acid-Base Equilibria

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This will raise the milliliters or the volume of the titrant added, decreasing the molarity or making it too low. That is the reason why one want it a very light color and not a dark rich color. The other source of error is the use of impure

Recycled Aggregates lab

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The pozzolan is an aluminous and siliceous material that posses none or little cementations value. In water or in a finely separated form, the material chemically reacts with calcium hydroxide to give out compounds with

Series and Parallel Connections

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It was realized thatKirchhoff’s Laws for current and voltage are given by equations 1 and 2. The relationship in the equation below gives a summary of the voltage divider rule

falling head permeability test

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In practice, the testing is done on an undisturbed sample. This test involves water that is channeled through a soil sample. The soil sample is connected to a standpipe that holds the water, which at the same time measures the amount of water that has passed through the

Network Measurement Laboratory

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Finally, the objective of the experiment is to determine certain network parameters. This experiment will aid the students to understand the behavior of given circuits and explain their outputs,

Williamson Ether Synthesis- Preparation of Methyl p-ethylphenyl ether

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Independent procedures of the Williamson ether synthesis method involved cleaning of reactants, production of intermediate compounds, isolation of products, and characterization of the resultant

Analytical Chem

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There is sharp drop in the electrode potential near the equivalence point. Two equivalence points were observed in these experiments – one corresponding to KI and another corresponding to KCl. The equivalence point was determined using

Kilmer Ecological Preserve

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It can be described as an early stage of the secondary succession. Species of annual herbs have colonized most of the area with perennial


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The ‘HOMEWORK’ button enables access to homework and tests and other things related to the course work. Quizzes and test button contains details of test that were conducted and upcoming test details. Study Plan button contains practice test and quizzes tabs and score of


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Positional isomers of xylene were scanned and concentration of the unknown was linearly determined through the obtained peak responses. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) is an analytical technique used primarily to identify compounds based on the

Science and Technology - Laboratory Course (SCI103-1404A-04)

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Section 2: Now that you understand how to read pH measurements, go out into the field to gather pH samples from 3 different lakes to take back to the lab for testing, and answer the following question: From the information given in the virtual lab, the lakes described as 2

Lab Assignments for remote sensing

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They also enhance reconstructions of branch situations when multiple corresponding regions are sliced from serial cross sections (Bannore 27). Bilinear interpolation, because faults and road are one dimensional

developing probes of cathepsin L

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The peptides are mostly associated with the degradation of proteins especially because of their association with lysosomes. The present study involved the synthesis of cathepsin molecule. The experiment aimed to obtain Z-cbz-Phe-Arg(OH) hence used

clinical immunology lab report (ELISA)

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Examples of immunoassays include enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry, immunoprecipitation and Western Blotting. These tests are used in hospital settings to


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In addition, the time allocated to each component of the production was computed using Excel solver and represented in the table below. From the output shown in the table above, the


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The differences in the strength of the mortar got reflected in the bond test as it was difficult for the mortar to bond with the brick. Also it got reflected in the shear test as the mortar was slipping away while applied between the bricks.

microbiology lab report

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Bacteria were discovered by Anton Von Leeuwenhoek in 1676, which he called animalcules. Louis Pasteur in 1859 discovered that fermentation is an effect of microbial activity. Robert Koch postulated the ‘Germ Theory’ and went on to win the Nobel Prize in

Selective Media

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Media has essential nutritive components that support bacterial growth. Microorganisms can acquire nutrients from the media to sustain their growth. Some media have substances that may inhibit or enhance the growth of some bacteria; hence such media is

Steel Report

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This is particularly essential in the constructions that are likely to be exposed to seismic or dynamic forces that can damage the steel reinforcements. According to Degarmo and Black (2003, p.56),


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The Stabilization wedge Game aims at reducing the projected carbon output by roughly 8 billion tonnes per year by the year 2055. This will entail using energy wedges to accomplish the stabilization triangle. Each wedge will represent a reduction of one billion tonnes

lab report

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The parabolic movement is the path traced by an object vertically, with constant acceleration, while the movement horizontally is at a constant velocity. The initial velocity and the projection angle determine

Geomorphology Lab 5

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and soil in the watershed, discharge ratio of runoff and baseflow contribution, pollutants, in-stream organic matter decomposition, soil erosion, fertilizer runoff (Rajvaidya 45). Stream chemistry involves Ph and EC. PH (-log H+) is measure of the acidity or basicity of an

Digital multi-channel communication system

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e of the most reliable technology through which information is relayed .Satellites dole out elementarily for map-reading, connections, backdrop scrutiny as well as climate forecasting. The launching of the Satellite Sputnik altered the course of the Russian history in 1957 when

Work and energy

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The primary objective of the lab experiment to assess the conversion of the work into kinetic energy particularly works done by the underlying force of gravity. Thus, the work kinetic energy

enzymes activity

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Inhibitors also affect working of enzyme by competitively, non-competitively and mixed reaction. Method: a calibration graph that had been previously prepared was used. A Line-weaver Burk was plotted with reciprocal of substrate plotted against reciprocal of

Article Critique

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(Economic Crisis)” however uncovers the secrets of economic crises around the globe but also conveys the alert for the second fall of Berlin Wall with reasons. This critic discusses more about the economy and its different

Rate of product formation in an enzyme - catalyzed reaction

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The optimum pH range was found to be 5-6 and the given enzyme does not work at all in the pH 3. Enzymes are protein molecules present in all the living cells. They act as biological catalyst for speeding up the reactions by lowering the energy barrier. Enzymes are made

Science lab 3.11

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Oil contaminates the water and causes death to sea animals. It is prone to continue as ships and barges continue sailing in the water and of the importance is how to clean up the spills the moment they occur. Oil is less dense than water, and it hence floats on

Food Journal Reflections

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between meals of breakfast and lunch meals or lunch and dinner.Furthermore, I noticed that I eat a lot of snacks during my mobile part of the day i.e. when moving from one point to another during my day to day


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sidered to be the only means of achieving learning, learning now becomes preponderantly connected with learning from experience, and self-directed learning, which is important in order to cope with changing demands in the organizational environment. Similarly, learning is no

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