US Policy on Immigration

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Currently immigration to the USA is regulated by number of legislative acts. In my opinion it would be better if the USA implemented more simplified and transparent immigration points system, similar to the systems established in Canada and Australia.


Many scholars and immigration specialists advocated implementation of points based immigration system in the USA, however so far few steps have been taken in this direction. In order to answer this question, one has to study first of all whether this type of immigration system is needed and whether several elements of points system are already present in current American legislation. Many experts claim that this kind of points system implemented by American legislators will benefit economy as it will boost economic growth, create more positive image of immigrants in the society as well as bring huge benefits to immigrants.1According to the views expressed by proponents of points based system, similar immigration system has been very successful in Australia where it was introduced in 1979. 2 Apart from Australia one of the largest groups of immigrants- independent immigrants- is selected by points system.3 Moreover in the last year of Reagan administration new Kennedy-Simpson bill was introduced that had many similar features with existing immigration system of Australia and Canada (according to this Bill educated and highly experienced persons would be especially targeted), yet however that Bill was not passed due to opposition from several representatives of Asian and Latin American communities.
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