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Difficulties of Vocabulary Learning

In order Arabian students to effectively gain knowledge of English language, such factors as teaching, translation, mass media and diplomacy are required.
English is an instrument of learning at various stages in the educational system of Saudi Arabia. This function justifies the choice of the research paper theme: "Literacy: Vocabulary and Difficulties of learning new words (vocabulary) in FL classes and the use of songs to promote vocabulary learning ". English is the only foreign language taught in educational, industrial and governmental institutions. Employees are required to learn English hard because advertisements for job openings in private sector areas emphasize the employers' preferences for potential employees who can speak English. Mass media development is another medium for the presence of English in Saudi Arabia. One of the two national Saudi TV stations, channel 2, is the English Channel (Braine); European language radio station, with broadcasting in English and some in French is 24 hours a day on air; English daily newspapers, the Arab News, the Daily Riyadh, and the Saudi Gazette are also proofs of English importance for Arabs.
New researches of modern scientists are directed on second language (English) teaching methods improvement. ...
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This research paper is devoted to the theme: "Literacy: Vocabulary and Difficulties of learning new words (vocabulary) in FL classes and the use of songs to promote vocabulary learning". The paper presents an overview of prominent scientific works on vocabulary learning among Arabian students; pitfalls of second language learning and suggestions on promoting and updating of learning in FL classes.
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